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Cream of Ginger Soup 

– This episode of Chef Book Online coincides with the Father’s Day period. 

– My own dad is getting old himself. 

– Sometimes he has a problem with the digestion system. 

– The western soup I am making today is the cream of ginger soup. 

– Ginger is naturally effective against flatulence. 

– Whether it is young or old, the ginger you buy from the market is not easy to peel or slice. 

– Gingen 100% instant ginger powder can significantly simplify your cooking process. 

– This one is the sugar-free formula of 100% instant ginger powder. 

– You can cook with it right away. 

– Put a pan on the stove. Pour in water and add onion, potato and carrot. 

– Add three pouches of Gingen 100% instant ginger powder. 

– Boil until vegetables begin soften. 

– Leave it to rest for a while before putting everything in the blender. 

– My blender is the heat-resistant kind. 

– Blend well like this before returning the content to the pan. 

– Add whipped cream to enhance the western flair of the soup. 

– Season with a pinch of salt and black pepper. 

– Wait for it to boil once more. 

– Stir until boiled like this. And we are done. 

– Add a bit more of Gingen 100% instant ginger powder to make it even more aromatic. 

– And, there, we have it: the cream of ginger soup. 

– Gingen makes it all the more easier. 

– It is as good for cooking as it is for making drinks. 

– Now somebody wants to try hot soup? You want one?