Gingen™, we are the leading brand for health drink and instant ginger cooking spice for modern consumer lifestyle.

Our instant ginger products are produced with advance and unique production technology to meet international standards and qualifications.

Thailand was chosen to be the production base as Thai Ginger type or “Siamese Ginger” is the most delicious and the world best ginger.

Gingen™ products are sold in department stores and leading modern trades all over Thailand, such as

Tesco Lotus. There are 184 of Tesco Lotus hyper market and 194 of Tesco Lotus supermarket;

– Big C or Carrefour and Casino Group.  There are 131 of    Big C hyper market, 59 of Big C market and 464 of Big C mini

– And Tops, Makro, The mall, Foodland, Villa, Max Value, Family Mart

– Also more than 9,000 branches of 7-Eleven convenient store;

Therefore, our distribution in Modern Trade more than 12,000 outlets and in Traditional Trade more than 10,000 outlets.

Our products distribution channels cover all parts of Thailand.

Recently, Gingen™ also exports to more than 75 countries around the world, such as

Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea in Asia


European zone & America such as The Netherlands, Norway, France, and the United States

And South Africa in Africa continent

The people from these countries accept Gingen™ instant ginger as the product which can perfectly preserve the value of natural fresh ginger.

The great taste and health benefits of natural ginger can be found in Gingen™.