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Ginger Menu

Tuna potted with vermicelli

Tuna potted with vermicelliChef Book online today, I’ll invite you to cook potted vermicelli menu.But I will not use shrimps for this menu, my son “Pasta” can’t eat shrimps, and my wife is allergic to shrimps too.So I’m going to cook “Tuna potted with vermicelli”We’ll start with the sauce first, pour soy sauce into the bowl,Then pour sesame oil, and pepper powder.I’ll tell you this: Potted vermicelli must not be without pepper. You must use more pepper, it’ll taste better.One other thing you must have in potted vermicelli is ginger.But

Japanese Garlic Beef with Rice

Chef Book online today will invite you to cook Japanese food. It’s easy to cook, and very popular right now. This menu is “garlic beef with rice.”Pour a little oil, onion and garlic. Stir fry them well.Then put beef into the pan.Use sliced beef to cook this menu. It’s easy to find in any supermarket now. Don’t use the thick ones.Add shoyu and sugar to make it sweet.In Shoyu, there is already a mixture of ginger.Today I am going to use Gingen ginger powder, sugar free one for cooking.It makes



Duck Dry Rice

Duck Dry RiceHello everyone! Chef Book online today, I’ll introduce you to the popular menu of Ampawa.I have to tell you that this menu is an original recipe. It’s called dry rice.If you have been to Ampawa, you must have had the chance to taste a dish called Chicken Dry Rice. Right?But today, I’ll make something different. It’s Duck Dry ricePour a little bit of oil, not too much, because duck meat already contains lots of fat.Then put the duck meat into the pan.Don’t put the seasoning right away. You

Ginger Mocktail

Ginger Mocktail Hello, Chef Book online. Today we’re going to make a fresh cold drink that is very healthy too.I call it “Ginger Mocktail”. We got this idea from a Spanish mocktail.They call it “Mohito” or “Mojito”. When you drink it you will feel very fresh.It’s very good for summer. But today I will add something to it.I’ll add a taste of Thai herbs. That herb is “ginger”.You might be confused about how to make mocktail from ginger. Do you need to cut and mash it?No, you don’t need too,

Salmon Steak with Ginger Sauce

Hello, Chef Book online today … we’re going to cook salmon steak.Not an ordinary salmon steak, but a salmon steak with ginger sauce in Japanese style.It’s very easy, everyone can try it at home.Today I got a salmon fillet with skin like this, it’s just perfect.Because when we cook, the skin will get crispy and make it more delicious.First, we start by putting on salt and pepper.Then 2 tablespoons of Olive oil.Add aroma to take away the fishy smell. This is…Gingen instant Ginger. The Ginger will give it a spicy

Thai Dry glutinous rice balls ginger flavour

Hello everyone! Chef Book online today is on the Dongzhi Festival (Winter Solstice Festival).So I am going to make Thai glutinous rice balls, and it’s a new recipe.I believe some of you might have tried Thai glutinous rice balls in ginger soup once or twice, right? The round-shaped dumpling with black sesame filling, you eat them with hot ginger tea.For today, I’m going to cook “dry Thai glutinous rice balls ginger flavour”Boil sweet potato until cooked. Place the cooked sweet potato into a large mixing bowl, mash until smooth.Add the

Ginger Salad Dressing

Hello, chef Book online. Today we’re going to make a special dish for the women who want to diet, example like Kaidaw “Kaidaw you’re on diet right?”If you’re on diet this recipe will be perfect for you. It’s ginger salad dressing. It helps you to control your weightAnd also helps for your skin, your metabolism and excretory system.Your stomach will feel good and not bloat up like thisOk let’s startToday we’re going to use Gingen instant ginger (sugar free), good for cooking and making it simple.Normally if you want to

Ginger Caramel Pudding 

– Chef Book Online presents a ginger caramel pudding, especially for the younger audience.  – All you need is milk, eggs and sugar. These are the only ingredients you need to make caramel puddings at home.  – Oh, right, you will need Gingen 100% instant ginger powder too as it will make things much easier.  – This is a handy product you can use to make drinks or to cook.  – We start with the caramel. Pour in sugar and two sachets of this 100% instant ginger powder.  – Turn

Cream of Ginger Soup 

– This episode of Chef Book Online coincides with the Father’s Day period.  – My own dad is getting old himself.  – Sometimes he has a problem with the digestion system.  – The western soup I am making today is the cream of ginger soup.  – Ginger is naturally effective against flatulence.  – Whether it is young or old, the ginger you buy from the market is not easy to peel or slice.  – Gingen 100% instant ginger powder can significantly simplify your cooking process.  – This one is the

Coconut milk jelly with Ginger

Hello everyone! Chef Book online today, it’s Mother’s Day. So I will make a dessert that you can cook for your mom. It’s Coconut milk jelly with Ginger. You may be wondering why we put ginger in the dessert. Let me tell you, ginger is one of the herbs that is good for health.  It helps to prevent against free radical damage and may delay signs of aging, and makes your mom get a good night’s sleep. Put jelly power into the pot first, then pour some water, and stir

Ginger Cookies

Ginger Cookies Menu Cookie ingredients 2 packets of ginger gingen powder Royal Icing Ingredients www.gingen.comShop online at: shop.gingen.comFollow news about promotions at: GINGEN | LINE Official Account