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Coconut milk jelly with Ginger

Hello everyone! Chef Book online today, it’s Mother’s Day. So I will make a dessert that you can cook for your mom. It’s Coconut milk jelly with Ginger.

You may be wondering why we put ginger in the dessert. Let me tell you, ginger is one of the herbs that is good for health. 

It helps to prevent against free radical damage and may delay signs of aging, and makes your mom get a good night’s sleep.

Put jelly power into the pot first, then pour some water, and stir it. But don’t turn on the gas stove yet. If you do, the jelly powder will become clumpy.

Then add coconut milk in the pot. Choose the thick coconut milk for this menu.

Then turn on the gas stove, wait until it is a bit hot. If you notice some vapor, it means the jelly powder is dissolving. Then you can add sugar in the mixture. 

After adding the sugar, add ginger power and mix well.

Besides making your dessert have fragrant smell, the ginger also makes your menu taste good and have nice color. 

So, we now have great jelly blocks. This time I choose flower garland blocks. It is great for Mother’s Day. 

Then pour the jelly into the jelly block.

“Kai Dao.” We will put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Let’s wait and see.

After 30 minutes in the fridge, you will have this gorgeous coconut jelly.

We will decorate it with some drawings to make it more like flower garlands.

I will use food dye to draw on the jelly to make it more beautiful. Mom will surely appreciate our efforts.

It’s done. This here is “Coconut milk jelly with Ginger.”

If you haven’t decided on what presents to give your mom on this Mother’s Day, 

I’ll suggest you choose this menu. In addition to looking gorgeous, it also has many benefits for your mom’s health. 

“Kai Dao” my mom’s with me no more. So I’ll give this jelly to my wife because having her is like having my mom every day. Don’t tell her I talk about her with you! (Chef Book is talking to Kai Dao.)

Coconut Milk Jelly with Ginger Soup by GINGEN) 


Gingen Ginger Powder 2 Packs

Sugar  ½ cup

Coconut milk 2 cups

Jelly powder 1 tbsp (tablespoon)

Water 1 cup