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Ginger Caramel Pudding 

– Chef Book Online presents a ginger caramel pudding, especially for the younger audience. 

– All you need is milk, eggs and sugar. These are the only ingredients you need to make caramel puddings at home. 

– Oh, right, you will need Gingen 100% instant ginger powder too as it will make things much easier. 

– This is a handy product you can use to make drinks or to cook. 

– We start with the caramel. Pour in sugar and two sachets of this 100% instant ginger powder. 

– Turn on the stove to medium heat only. 

– No need to stir. You can let the heat melt the ginger powder and the sugar together like this. 

– Once the sugar and the ginger powder caramelize completely, pour into buttered pudding tins. 

– Set those aside while we make the pudding. Just stir the eggs. Do not beat. 

– We want the yolks and the egg whites mixed as one like this and set aside. 

– Next to go into the pudding is milk and sugar. 

– Add the milk and then the sugar. Wait until the sugar dissolves but be careful not to let the milk boil. We will put the mixture here. 

– Pour slowly but stir quickly like this to form the pudding texture. 

– Stir well and add one sachet of Gingen instant ginger powder to give our pudding the aroma it needs. 

– After the ginger powder dissolves, strain the mixture to give your pudding a smoother texture. 

– Right? 

– Strain well for the smoother texture of your pudding. 

– Then pour the mixture into the pudding tin. 

– Cover the top with a piece of foil to protect the surface from the steam. 

– That’s it. Just steam for 15 minutes. 

– Once done, let it cool for a bit before removing from the tins. 

– And, voila, your ginger caramel pudding. 

– Gingen is your secret help in the kitchen. It is great for drinks, as well as for cooking.