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Tuna potted with vermicelli

Tuna potted with vermicelli
Chef Book online today, I’ll invite you to cook potted vermicelli menu.
But I will not use shrimps for this menu, my son “Pasta” can’t eat shrimps, and my wife is allergic to shrimps too.
So I’m going to cook “Tuna potted with vermicelli”
We’ll start with the sauce first, pour soy sauce into the bowl,
Then pour sesame oil, and pepper powder.
I’ll tell you this: Potted vermicelli must not be without pepper. You must use more pepper, it’ll taste better.
One other thing you must have in potted vermicelli is ginger.
But for today we have something more convenient. No need to find fresh gingers, no need to peel the skin off it.
Gingen ginger powder, sugar free.
This pack is great for cooking, just pour it into the bowl.
Just use this pack. It’s going to give you the strong scent and taste of gingers.
Then add some sugar to make it a little sweet, but don’t add too much.
Mix the soaked vermicelli and the seasoning sauce that we prepare.
After you finish the mixing, arrange the seasoned vermicelli in the pan.
Arrange bacon at the bottom of Teflon pan, we don’t use streaky pork here, the bacon is simple and good.
Put the bacon at the bottom of Teflon pan, so the vermicelli won’t burn,
And it’ll have the oil from the bacon as well.
Then add the seasoned vermicelli into the Teflon pan, put the tuna on the top.
Use medium heat. Wait for 10 minutes.
Wow! It looks so yummy. Turn off the gas stove. Sprinkle the potted vermicelli tuna with celery.
“Kai Dao” It looks yummy, right? (Chef Book talks to Kai Dao.)
Oops! My dog ignores me.
Before I go make up to Kai Dao, first let me thank our sponsor,

Gingen ginger powder: Every Kitchen’s secret. Healthy to drink and great for cooking.
“Kai Dao”不要生我气了,我就给你一盒姜的
“Kai Dao” Please don’t be mad at me. I will give you one ginger box, okay?


  • Gingen ginger powder 1 pack
  • Soaked vermicelli 50 g.
  • Tuna 1 can
  • Bacon 4 pieces
  • Sesame oil 1 tablespoon
  • Pepper powder 1 teaspoon
  • Soya sauce 2 tablespoons
  • Sugar 1 tablespoon
  • Celery