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Thai Dry glutinous rice balls ginger flavour

Hello everyone! Chef Book online today is on the Dongzhi Festival (Winter Solstice Festival).
So I am going to make Thai glutinous rice balls, and it’s a new recipe.
I believe some of you might have tried Thai glutinous rice balls in ginger soup once or twice, right? The round-shaped dumpling with black sesame filling, you eat them with hot ginger tea.
For today, I’m going to cook “dry Thai glutinous rice balls ginger flavour”
Boil sweet potato until cooked. Place the cooked sweet potato into a large mixing bowl, mash until smooth.
Add the rice flour, for Thai style we use glutinous rice flour.
Add sweet potato into the bowl, if you want to get better taste, add more potato sweet, and less flour
For this fusion dessert, I combine Thai-style rice balls in coconut milk and Chinese glutinous rice balls with ginger tea.
To make glutinous rice balls in Thai style, we sometimes add taro, carrot or pumpkin.
Today I chose purple sweet potato for this dessert.
I will knead the purple sweet potato with flour until it is nice and well mixed.
Then add water. If you mix water and flour before adding purple sweet potato, the color of the dough will not be smooth and even.
When the mixture is well kneaded in the dough form, we make rice balls from the dough and put them in the boiling water.
I will make each rice ball the same size as what we have in the Chinese glutinous rice balls in ginger tea.
Make sure it is well cooked. If they are ready, they will float to the top of the water.
When the rice balls are ready, soak them in cold water for a moment.
If boiled too long, the rice balls will be too soft.
For seasoning, I will have some sugar.
And add a little of salt.
I am using Gingen ginger powder. It’s sugar free.
Mix all the seasoning.
Now it is all done! Time to eat. It looks so delicious. Oops! The dog is sleeping.
The taste is very good and unique. Like eating Chinese glutinous rice balls in ginger tea with boiled rice balls.
And the purple sweet potato smells so good. You can try cooking this menu on this Dong Zhi festival.
This dessert: Dry GLUTINOUS RICE BALLS ginger flavour
Don’t forget. Gingen ginger powder makes cooking anything with ginger so much easier. Every kitchen’s secret. Healthy to drink and great for cooking.
You want to sleep or eat? Choose one. (Chef Book talks to Kai Dao)

Gingen Ginger Powder 1 Pack
Purple sweet potato 100 g.
Glutinous rice flour 300 g.
Sugar ¼ cup
Salt ½ teaspoon
Water ¾ cup