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“Never overlook ‘Ginger’ in every meal.”

The world has known ‘ginger,’ the herbal plant (scientific name Zingiber officinale Roscoe), since ancient times. Ginger has been used for cooking and as a herbal medicine. Studies and information from global physicians and researchers consistently emphasize the importance of ginger. It is used as an herbal remedy to nourish the body and treat various diseases, such as:

Ancient Chinese physicians used ginger to nourish the digestive system, which is a crucial energy source for the body.
In Japan, ginger is used to support heart health, reduce blood pressure, and lower cholesterol.
Ancient Arabian physicians utilized the benefits of ginger to enhance sexual potency.
Modern herbalists in the Western world recommend ginger for its digestive aid, reducing symptoms of motion sickness, sea sickness, and airsickness, etc.

“The numerous benefits of ginger have been utilized and passed down through generations. New researchers believe that there are still many untapped advantages. Ongoing exploration seeks to further enhance the understanding of this wisdom, combining the ancestral knowledge with the findings of contemporary studies.
The historical figure, Philosopher Confucius (551 BCE), emphasized that ‘ginger should not be overlooked in every meal.’ He believed that incorporating various nutrient-rich vegetables into one’s diet could contribute to maintaining vitality and eliminating waste from the body.
Philosopher Confucius, a current resident of Chandon in the Luang province, is associated with a renowned ginger distillery in Luang Lu, reflecting the enduring belief in the potential benefits of ginger that has been transmitted through generations.

Reference: Ginger – An Ancient Elixir of Health, Not to Be Overlooked, in the November 2002 edition of the Traditional Doctor Magazine, Chinese Medicine Column, Dr. Witawas Wattana Vibul.”

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