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A cup of tea, one slice of ginger; relieves bloating and nurtures the stomach well

“A cup of tea, one slice of ginger; relieves bloating and nurtures the stomach well.

“Waking up, three slices of ginger; no less effective than clear soup with aloe vera.

“Every day, consuming three slices of ginger; no need to bother the doctor for prescriptions.”

The belief in the benefits of ginger is a traditional wisdom passed down through generations, and even modern researchers show interest in chemically examining ginger. They found that ginger contains numerous chemicals, up to 100 types, including amino acids, gingerol essential oil, and more. It’s not surprising that ginger has many medicinal properties.

Kathleen Mcfarlane, a health expert from Australia, discussed the latest research, finding that women aged 50-60 who regularly consume ginger have improved brain efficiency and reduced the chances of Alzheimer’s disease. Recent discoveries reveal that ginger contains high levels of antioxidants, which can be taken as a health supplement to slow down cell aging. This aligns with Su Tongpo, a renowned poet of the Song Dynasty, who wrote “Tongpo’s Reply to Jie,” mentioning a temple in Chang’an dedicated to ginger. The temple’s presiding deity, looking youthful and healthy at over 60 years old, attributed their vitality to consuming ginger for over 40 years, affirming the belief in the age-old wisdom of herbal longevity.

Consuming food or drinks with ginger regularly can significantly nourish your body. However, it should be in appropriate quantities, and a balanced diet including all five food groups is essential.

Reference: Local Doctor Magazine, Issue 283, Nov ’02, Dr. Vitawat (Phaskij) Wannawiboon
Study and information gathered from various sources by Eakchai Tiyasivaphon

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