Ginger root is an underground stem belonging to the rhizome family. Ginger can be minced, sliced or crystallized to add flavor and heat to food. It can also be formulated into a drink and ingested as ginger ale. It grows mainly in Jamaica, West Africa, India and China. The Centers for Disease Control states that rhizomes are not significant nutrient sources, but ginger has been used since ancient times as a preservative and as a remedy to treat digestive problems. MOTION SICKNESS Ginger root has been shown to improve digestive discomfort experienced during motion sickness. A study referenced by University of Maryland Medical Center indicates that new sailors consuming powdered ginger had reduced incidence of vomiting and cold sweats compared with those given a placebo. Other studies comparing ginger’s effects with the effects of medications found that medications were more effective for reducing motion sickness. However, University of Maryland Medical Center indicates that many individuals prefer to take ginger to avoid the possible side effects of medication. TREATMENT OF PREGNANCY SIDE EFFECTS A difficult aspect of pregnancy is the limitations placed on dietary supplements like herbs and other alternative medicines. This can make it very difficult for expecting mothers to

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